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10 Schooner Cove Road, Head of St.Margaret's Bay

Nova Scotia Canada, B3Z 2B4

Website: janetcouper.com

Contact: janetcouper@ns.sympatico.ca

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About Janet

Janet Couper is a multimedia artist, author of several books and travel articles. She is also an advocate well known for her ability to inspire and facilitate others on their quest to recognize and fulfill their true inner calling. Perhaps this gift was part of what made Janet so well loved by her patients throughout her medical career. When she is not travelling abroad on one of her adventures, you can often find Janet at Schooner Cove Gallery or her seaside home in St. Margaret's Bay, NS.


Educated at NSIT, University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University Medical School ‘92, Dr. Couper served her country and her patients first as an MD and then at Pair ‘O Docs Incorporated, a Psychiatry practice she co-founded with her husband, Dr.Dick Jellema in St. Margaret's Bay. While working in their private practice, Janet’s focus was in Psychotherapy, a field of medicine that lent itself to practice her natural ability to inspire others to follow their dreams. Janet retired from medicine in the summer of 2016 to more fully explore artistic expression and to give herself more time to dedicate to writing.


Art has always had a place in Janet’s life with an initial interest in photography first as a hobby which evolved into a more formal part-time profession. In 2002 she recognised her daughter’s talent as a photographer and artist and together they opened the studio where they operated as Schooner Cove Photography. In 2009 Janet picked up a paint brush first with canvas and then with a variety of mediums. With several of her personal photo books on the shelves of family and friends, Janet was encouraged to complete some of the literary work she had on the go. In 2012 a local travel book, Come Visit Us was published followed by her first published novella Murder at Indian Harbour. The novella is an illustration of relevant social issues buried within a murder mystery. The book has been hailed by readers as “A great page turner that leaves you wanting the author to hurry up and write another.”


From 2013 to 2015 Janet operated Schooner Cove Gallery offering a Basic Photography workshop, painting classes and organized Gallery shows advocating for local artists. This left little writing time but she managed to be able to complete two books entitled Waking Dreams and Touring Croatia.


Since her retirement in 2016, Janet has continued to explore and produce art in a variety ways including her designer swim and active wear line of clothing, Swimngo and has exhibited her paintings throughout Nova Scotia. She has also completed two more novels including the much anticipated sequel to Murder at Indian Harbour. Both of which are set for publishing and should be ready in time to hit book shelves in time for Christmas 2018.


Check out Janet’s blog White Abyss of Time where she shares personal travel experiences, her opinions and more.